Chetram Agrawal Sons Cheating Lakhs & Lakhs Rupees Of Taxes

There was a Businessman, late Chetram Agrawal of Gandhinagar Pada, Balangir Town who was dealing with Cements , Iron Rods and all types of Buildings Materials . His Shop is till now renowned & well-known to Balangir, Town. He is no more, but his Sons are dealing the same Business as well they expanded various types of Business which is now in Corers Rupees. His Sons are not only clever, but also most cunning. They know the tricks or tactics that how to extract money from the Innocents Customers by giving pleasant behaviors. On the other hand, they are Cheating in paying Taxes , like Sales Taxes, Income Taxes, Wealth Taxes and others Taxes which are applicable as per Government, rules, regulations and Guidelines. They have kept the Buerocrates, So called Journalists in their Pockets by giving bribes to them. Out of which, the Innocents, Customers are being extracted like anything. Now,they became Corers Pati. Lots of movable and immovable Properties are with them. They have kept huge amounts of Black Money in different Banks in different Names They have so many luxurious residential Buildings for their own use & they have lots of properties and well furnished constructed Buildings for giving on rental basis. They have so many Storage Rooms where they keep their all illegal properties. They have kept CA who helps in producing all false, fabricated and own preparing for adjustment documents or accounts which they show or produce before the Different Taxes Departments as per applicable. Particularly, in Balangir, Town, not only this Chetrams Sons are cheating lakhs of lakhs rupees Taxes , but also one Mahato Transporter which is on the main road of Balangir Sambalpur Road, it is 3 to 4kms away from Town Police Station is also used to cheat more to lakhs & lakhs Rupees of Taxes. The Owner is openly doing Dabangagiri, Gundagiri keeping Gundas of Bihar & Jharkhand State. He has also kept the District Administration in his Pocket. The Taxes Departments of Balangir are slave before him because of taking plenty rupees of Bribes . He has also joined hand with so called Journalists and Brokers of Balangir, Town. There are several instances or examples which will be published gradually. Basing on the above mentioned facts, an impartial enquiry as well as a Vigilance Enquiry & a joint impartial enquiry from the different concerned Departments of Government is badly in need of finding out the truth and the Society will be aware of. It is not only a individual demand , but also the responsible and sensitive Citizens of Balangir are demanding before the Government for an impartial enquiry by a non corrupted Group of Senior Officers of the Government Departments.

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