Daily covid-19 cases recoveries in India cross 70,000: Health ministry

Daily covid-19 cases

India registered more than 70,000 coronavirus recoveries in 24 hours for the second consecutive day on Sunday. There has been a steep exponential rise in coronavirus case recoveries in India, the health ministry said on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare added that over three-fourths of the total Corona cases in India have recovered.

“From 50,000 in May to 30 lakh in September, the daily number of recovered patients has crossed 70,000. More than three-fourth of the total cases have recovered,” said the Ministry.

On Sunday, the total recoveries in India crossed 31 lakh-mark with 73,642 new recoveries. India’s recovery rate currently stands at 77.3 percent.

Meanwhile, India set a new record in new coronavirus cases third day in a row with over 90,000 new cases reported in 24 hours on Sunday including 1065 deaths.

“Responsive, collaborative and effective measures right from early identification through aggressive testing to efficient tracking and comprehensive treatment have collectively led to these encouraging outcomes,” said the ministry in a statement



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