Flipkart Videos and Instagram-like ‘Flipkart Ideas’ launched on Android


The e-commerce giant has finally launched its highly anticipated “Videos” and photo feed section in its Android application. Flipkart users can access the Flipkart Videos and Flipkart Ideas sections from the hamburger menu. The hamburger menu can be accessed by sliding from the left side of the screen. Speaking of the newly introduced sections, Flipkart Videos is similar to the video streaming services that exist. Moving on to the second section, Flipkart Ideas is an image source similar to Instagram where users can follow influential people or brands for suggestions. This section will help users discover new products and will probably behave like a hybrid of Instagram and Pinterest.

Details of Flipkart videos

An Inc42 report confirmed that both sections are now available for Flipkart users on Android. Flipkart is likely to face Amazon, Netflix and other video streaming applications with its Videos section. This section will provide a curated range of movies and TV shows for all Flipkart users. As noted in the report, Flipkart issued a statement regarding its Videos section. The statement added: “Our offer of video content focuses on three main aspects, taking into account our understanding of the market: free, curated and personalized.”

He continued by saying: “We believe that our customers should not pay extra for premium content and, therefore, our offer is different from anything else that is currently available.” BGR India discovered that users must log in to their Flipkart account to gain access to the Flipkart Videos and Flipkart Ideas sections. The report indicated that Flipkart has partnered with TVF, Dice Media, Viu and Voot for an initial batch of content.

At first, Flipkart asks users to select five options from a list of available movies and TV shows. The application will use this selection and its clock history to generate recommendations. Flipkart is also likely to gradually increase the collection of content available online. Currently, the company offers content distributed in genres of romance, action, adventure, drama, mystery and comedy. Currently, this section offers content in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. The report also noted that the section does not offer any Hollywood content at the time of writing.

“Our offer of video content focuses on three main aspects, taking into account our understanding of the market: free, curated and personalized. We believe that our customers should not pay more for premium content and, therefore, our offer is different from anything else that is currently available, “said a company statement.

Users can start watching videos identifying their interests and Flipkart will show suggestions accordingly. It is interesting to note that the offer ranges from TV shows to Bollywood movies, as well as shows from Viu, Dice Media, TVF and Arre.

Some Bollywood movies are also available through Viacom’s Voot. All channels can be tracked for future updates just like on YouTube.

The available genres include romance, action, adventure, drama, among others. We also note that the offers are available in two more languages: Tamil and Kannada. Interestingly, you couldn’t watch any Hollywood movie on the platform.

Details of Flipkart Ideas

Flipkart Ideas is a section similar to Instagram launched to help users discover products. Similar to Flipkart videos, the Ideas section also asks users to select three areas of interest from a grid of different interests. The platform will then use this selection to select a source of photos for the user. Users can browse, comment, like or share the images they see in their feed. Flipkart users can also follow influential people for their recommendations. The company is likely to adopt the Instagram shopping feature that is currently not available in India.

Senior Vice President of Marketplace at Flipkart, Anil Goteti, issued a statement. Goteti stated: “Flipkart Ideas improves the lifestyle of users with credible, inspiring and useful content, which will educate and inspire them in the buying process. There is a new group of consumers, the next 200 million buyers, who have a variety of questions and seek to mimic their offline shopping experience, online. “Then he added:” Flipkart Ideas is our effort to help in the journey of purchase of these consumers; and we want to play our part in creating a meaningful commitment while helping to familiarize ourselves with various brands and products. ”


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