Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review


Do you really prefer a stylish to go with your new phone? This is the big question when you have to answer when your ready with cash for your new flagship Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy note 10+ it is surely a futuristic android phone compare to other phones in the market if a phone come close being bezel less. It is to be this one.

Samsung call it a particular finish Aura Glow colorway, and well, it most certainly has an undeniable aura The highlight has to be the 6.8-inch AMOLED display (3040 X 1440 resolution). Switch this on, and what you get to see is perhaps the best smartphone display that you can lay your eyes on right now. The large real estate really highlights the strong points. It is bright, sharp and is spot on for pretty much anything you may want to do on the phone. In fact, no other phone comes close to this brightness level. You can bump down the resolution to FHD+ or HD+ for saving battery, but would you really not have this visual treat every time you unlock the screen? Yet, it misses out on the 90Hz display refresh rate feature, which could be a bit of a big miss once we take stock of its rivals a few months down the line.

In terms of the specifications that sit under the hood, chances are that your Galaxy Note 10+ will be more powerful than that laptop sitting on your workstation. This runs the Exynos 9825 processor, at least on the phones being sold in India. Samsung offers the Galaxy Note 10+ in two variants. One with 256GB of storage and one with 512GB of storage. And that is before you consider the memory card slot that can hold 1TB more storage. That is an astonishing amount of storage to have on a phone. Believe me, you won’t be able to fill this up easily, even if you start storing lossless audio (FLAC) files on this. Then there is the small matter of 12GB RAM that drives this pocket rocket, and that basically means you will need a herculean effort to reach its performance ceiling. And that is just not going to happen.


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