So called Journalists Blackmailing District Administration & Businessman of Balangir

Balangir District is the only District in India & it was a State called Patana State. Every Status of a State was there. Most of the Inhabitants of Balangir are educated, gentle, sober, helping, cooperative in nature. They never prefer cheating, hiding, injustices, irregularities and corruptions. They never say anything from the Backside. If they saw irregularities, injustices, cheating, corruptions and hiding ness, they do oppose, fight, protect then & there . They never compromise, adjust before above mentioned bad activities. But, it is now so pettiness and disgraceful that the real Inhabitants are keeping themselves silent & the scattering bad Elements are creating all problems joining hand with corrupted Buerocrates and so called Journalists. The reason is that in the 4th Pillars ( The Journalists) , most of the so called journalists & irregular Elements are being involved & they have formed So called Journalists Association, it may be District Journalists Association or Yamakhana which is infront of Civil Court, Balangir where most nonsense, bastard, no pen, no paper So called Journalists are the President , Executive Members and Membes & the another pettiness is that now one Nonsense , Bastard, Blackmailer, Extractor, Fatichor Siba Parida of Titilagarh is the President. Shiba Parida is nothing, but a big Zero , a Bookish, a So called Journalist. The most learned person, the Editor of leading Odia Daily Newspaper, the Sambad , Honorable, MLA Sri Soumya Ranjan Pattanaik jee kept him in his Newspaper without knowing about him. Is not an another pettiness ?. Shiba Parida is thinking himself, he is a Gunda and he can do Dabangagiri. He is used to take monthly illegal Bribes from the Businessman and Corrupted Buerocrates. Now, he got an Opportunity or Chance to blackmail & extract huge amounts of Money from the Buerocrates & Businessman. His initial Status was miserable and now he became Corers Pati , lots of movable, immovable properties are with him He has kept lots of Black Money in different Banks in different Names. As he is originally from Coastal Belt, he has kept cunningly lots of Assets in Coastal Belt Areas which is badly in need of impartial enquiry & taking of strong action against him by the District Administration & it is a demand of the sensitive and responsible People or Citizens of Balangir, District. He is a close friend of Blackmarketer and most corrupted, Bakery Owner of Titilagarh, Town, Mr Goel. Shiba Parida has arranged few Journalist Identity Cards of few Newspaper and both are habituated Drunkard and Shiba Parida is regularly taking huge amounts of bribes or money from Mr Goel, for which, he does advocacy. The present, SP & Collector as well as the Vigilance Department are to be alert , serious and they should start enquiry against Shiba Parida and others so called journalists of the so called Journalists Association, so called journalists in the entire Balangir, District, so that Truth will come out & no wrong message should reach to the Society further. Another Big Pettiness is that most of the so called Journalists, corrupted Buerocrates, Blackmarketers have joined hand with each others & when a real fighter and Journalist will go or visit to them, they are used to say , he or she had come for Donations, rather, Practically, Nonsense, Shiba Parida, the so called journalist and his others so called journalist are being habituated I’m collecting Donations. Now , most of the so called journalists are earning lakhs and lakhs rupees illegally and are staying in Luxurious Houses & using Luxurious Vehicle & Shiba Parida is one of them. These so called journalists are trying to blame the Real Journalists , but, it is sure that they can not do anything or they can not harm the Real Journalists of not only, Balangir, but also of India. Shiba Parida & his groups must have to get a strong lesson & it is the demand of the peoples of Balangir, District as they are branded corrupted.

So called Journalists Blackmailing District Administration & Businessman of Balangir


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